Namaste and Hello there ! Welcome to MyEternalTrails !!!

I’m Shubham Saxena, A Travel Blogger and Enthusiast Storyteller. MyEternalTrails is my journey in order to acquaint you with some of the most beautiful places on earth.

It’s my passion for travel which leads me to explore enticing places on weekends or holidays, while on weekdays, I enjoy developing software applications.

MyEternalTrails will take you through myriads of exotic trails which I have followed to feel the immense pleasure of travelling.

During my Journey of Travel Blogger, I’ve witnessed various aspects of Nature and Man-made Marvels. Be it Traversing the Forests or Dousing in Waterfalls. Be it Sailing in Sky or Diving in Sea. Be it Trekking to Peaks or Infiltrating in Caves. I’ve explored all this closely and still exploring…

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