A Sneak Peek into Vibrant Nightlife of Bangkok and Pattaya

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Bangkok and Pattaya are apparently the party hotspot of not just Thailand but of entire Southeast Asia. The beach town of Pattaya and Thailand’s business capital Bangkok, will not disappoint you if you’re seeking for some bustling nights cruising on river, strolling through night markets, partying at world-class rooftop sky bars and going crazy at adult Go-Go bars. So, read on to get a sneak peek into vibrant nightlife of Bangkok and Pattaya.

How much time you require to Explore?

Well, the more time you got, is better for you. But still you should have at least 2 Nights in Bangkok and one in Pattaya to experience all aspects of its nightlife. In case you got more or less from this, then you can adjust this plan according to your places of interest. Also, to see The Cultural Side of Bangkok and Pattaya, you can read this trail of ours.

How to commute?

There are plenty of options to commute while exploring the nightlife of Bangkok and Pattaya. In Bangkok you can take a ride on BTS SkyTrain or MRT metro and Ferries. But these can be used only during initial night hours as after midnight these won’t be available. In that case you can either take a ride in famous Tuk-Tuk or book a GRAB taxi! In Pattaya, you’ll miss metros, ferries and even Tuk-Tuk. But you should conveniently get Baht Bus and GRAB taxi anytime. We tried all these modes and you can read our Ultimate Itinerary to Bangkok and Pattaya to read about these in details and gain our recommendations as well.

Let’s Begin the Trail!

If you like partying, then we’d recommend planning your stay near Khao San Road in Bangkok. This place is popular as Backpackers’ hub due to myriad of hostels and hotels providing budget accommodation making it ideal for Backpackers. This way you will not only explore the nightlife of Khao San Road but also Chinatown and Chao Phraya Riverfronts without commuting much.

We started our evening stroll with Asiatique Riverfront which is an open-air mall facing Chao Phraya River. It’s an amazing place to watch the sunset and satiate your food cravings with variety of cuisines. You can either ride a taxi or hire a Tuk-Tuk to reach here. But we chose an even better way, which is an Express Boat ride. If staying near Khao San Road, then you can board this ferry in just 60 THB from Phra Arthit Pier, just a little walk away.

Note that many tour operators organize various luxury cruises on Chao Phraya river including on-board dining. You can opt for something like this if you have enough time in hand and Baht in pocket!

We chose to sit on upper-deck of boat to indulge in a wonderful ride amidst some of Bangkok’s iconic places and skyscrapers. This rooftop seating rewarded us with panoramic views of The Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun dazzling with colourful lights. Nearly after 30 minutes of pleasant ride, we deboarded at Asiatique Riverfront. The entire place was illuminated with multiple stalls, food-joints, games, riverside restaurants and a giant Ferris Wheel. After an appetizing dinner at an Indian Restaurant, we spent rest of the evening engaging in various fun activities in this Fair.

We had reserved our late-night slot for a stroll in Khao San Road because this is the time when the ambiance of this street is at its peak. The Road to Khao San goes via Chinatown. This place welcomes you with streets dazzling with neon lights and maze of chaotic market alleys. Chinatown is heaven for people with fierce desire of aromatic Chinese food including variety of fresh-sea food.

Finally, we arrived at our destination – Khao San Road, and soon we realized why this place is best party place in Bangkok. You need to be there to see its charm. This 400m street sees thousands of tourists every day grooving on loud music in pubs and bars. Khaosan road also offers cheap liquor and bizarre street food including scorpions, Tarantula spiders and even crocodiles! After shaking a leg in this phenomenal atmosphere, we concluded this night.

Plan to spend your second evening with 360-degree view of Bangkok from some of the highest sky bars in city. For this simply head to Sukhumvit where you’ll find plenty of sky bars. You can choose any one as per your budget and taste. The most famous is Lebua Sky Bar on 64th floor which is quite expensive. However, it usually gets overcrowded as it had been featured in movies like Hangover. If you want to have this experience from the highest point of Bangkok, then King Power Mahanakhon is your destination. It gives you chance to enjoy drinks along-with a sky-walk on its 74th floor.

Another relatively reasonable place is Octave Rooftop Lounge at Marriott Hotel. We’d recommend visiting any sky bar little before sunset so as you not only gaze at sunset in dusking sky but also glimmering skyline of Bangkok.

After this, take a BTS skytrain till Sala Daeng to reach Patpong Night Market. This lively market nestled in Bangkok’s infamous adult nightlife area is open till midnight. It’s particularly famous among tourists for souvenirs and faux brand items. Though, it can be skipped if you’ve got less time for the last couple of destinations for the night.

Take a ride to reach Nana Plaza and later a walk from here to reach Soi Cowboy. Both are famous for adult entertainment, Nana Plaza being more popular and crowded. This 3-storey building is self-described by them as World’s largest Adult Playground. Here you can sip on some drinks in open-top bars snuggled among Go-Go bars. You can go inside any of these Go-Go bars in case you’re feeling Kinky. They allow a free entry to watch various adults shows but will let you stay as long as you’re buying drinks. You can try some delicious food in the lane opposite to Nana Plaza hosting various Arabic and Turkish restaurants and Hookah Bars.

Soi Cowboy is pretty much like Nana Plaza, except the fact that it is less crowded and stretched in a street rather than a building. With a stroll in this street you can conclude the chapter of Bangkok’s nightlife.

Pattaya don’t offer many activities for night but still you can have a great time exploring the famous Walking Street, Cabaret Shows and Night Markets.

If theatrical dance shows delight you, then start your evening with cabaret performance of transgenders adorned with vibrant costumes and high-tech lighting. The two most popular Cabaret shows in Pattaya are Tiffany’s Cabaret Show and Alcazar Cabaret Show. Both with daily 3-4 shows of duration 1.5 hrs each which star with evening. Tiffany’s show is oldest and most expensive amongst all. You can either directly visit their websites for show timings and tickets or use Klook to get amazing deals like the way we got.

Another newbie in this cabaret race is Colosseum Show which you might consider. But we’d recommend watching either of the two legends if it’s your first experience of cabaret.

After this show you can wander on lively Beach Road glittering with colourful lights as the dusk fells. From here we made an entry to the largest mall in Pattaya, Central Festival. This multi-storey mall hosts various brand retail showrooms, fine-dine restaurants and huge arcade. It’s a nice place to spend time savouring ice-creams and enjoying fun activities.

We took the other exit to 2nd Road from Central Festival which lead to vibrant local markets of Pattaya. We decided to walk till Walking street as it gives chance to experience these localities closely. You’ll find umpteen bars playing amazing music with games like snooker and ping-pong. You can soothe yourselves in any of those sipping few drinks. Also, take this opportunity to grab either some street food or from popular chains like McDonalds, Subway etc. On the way to walking street you’ll find Pattaya Night Bazaar. By the time we reached here it started shutting down as it’s open only till 11 PM.

We didn’t find Pattaya Night Bazaar at par with our expectations as it was relatively small and less diverse compared to other popular markets we had been during this journey.

So, instead of spending much time here, we directly headed to our last destination for Pattaya, The Walking Street. This kilometre-long street starts where Beach road ends and is closed for vehicles during night. This adult entertainment and red-light district is mushroomed with Go-Go bars, nightclubs and live music venues. You’ll also find various seafood restaurants and beers bars in its connecting streets. This entire place usually becomes lively after 10:00 PM and remains youthful even until 04:00 AM. The whole street blazes bright neon lights of Thai, Korean and even Russian clubs. Towards the end of the street you’ll find neon-lit Nashaa Indian Club which is notorious for being the most popular pick-up nightclub.

Walking street offers you so much to see and do that every night of your entire week can be spent here exploring different places every time. This exceptional characteristic of Walking Street makes it most popular tourist destination of Pattaya.

This brings an end to this sneak peek into Vibrant Nightlife of Bangkok and Pattaya capturing electrifying experiences. Tell us how crazy your experience was exploring nightlife of Bangkok and Pattaya in comments below. Or you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you out! In case you’re planning a trip to Thailand, then check our Itinerary for Bangkok and Pattaya. Read another trail of ours to explore Cultural Side of Bangkok and Pattaya. Also, do check out our trail to Koh Larn – A Trail Under Sea of Pattaya’s Coral Island.

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